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Update by user Aug 31, 2015

Just an update on Ltw extensions. I still haven't received my money back or hair.

Every time I contact the company they say they refunding me or they act like they haven't seen my email. Which is a lie because their email goes to there iPhone. I attempted to use the hair piece. Omg.

The worst hair I ever brought, I swear!! Don't let all the good reviews on there instragram fool ya. Since the hair game straight at the roots and curly toward the middle ends its really,really stiff It has a synthetic feeling to it like beauty supply hair . I recently talked to some hairstyles and some clients about the hair and the truth is it really wasn't deep wave hair like the company said.

The hair isn't even Brazilian hair.

That's the reason why it didn't blend with the deep wave Brazilian hair I had. I'll be posting a video of the frontal soon.

Original review posted by user Aug 26, 2015

My first Bad review EVER!!


14)I recently contacted the ltw extensions hair company about a deep wave frontal. I was told there was a deep wave frontal on hand, just not on there website ( On the site it says shipping takes 2_5 days but Because

The deep wave frontal wasn't online like the other frontals i figured the company really didnt have it on hand they just told me that so i could purchase from them. So i asked will it take longer to get the frontal i wanted and i was told No.

So i went ahead and brought the frontal which was on sale. On the site it says yall receive a tracking number within 2 days.( August 19) After 2 days i still didnt receive a tracking number. So i contacted the company letting them know and also can i get a update on my purchase.There response was they will send my tracking number and it'll appear in my spam. Once i was told that i knew something was off because why would it appears there?

But anyways I checked my spam knowing it wasnt going to appear there and as i figured it wasnt. I replied back stating i didnt receive anything. I never got a response. (Aug.

21) I contacted the company AGAIN, letting them know i had a hair appointment and need my hair, or at least an update. I got a response saying my tracking number was sent. Which was a LIE, because if it was sent they would of told me that the frist time i asked. I asked for a refund because i dont have time to be playing hair games with my money.

I never got a response back in my email ,but i seen the company post on Instagram saying how they dont do refunds. Now at that point i was pissed you cant respond back to me but go post on instrgram. Nah, i aint with that! So i took my response on ig too .

but right after the company emailed me back saying they did email me back which was another LIE! Then i was told Friday isnt a business day. (Nahh,Since when friday wasn't a business day??) (Aug.24) i contacts the company AGAIN asking for a tracking number. My reply was aorry I'll send it.

Now at this point in time i was beyond PISSED, i got on the phone and called ups and fedex even though I didnt have a tracking number they we're still able to attempt to track any package that were coming to my address. Once i was told there wasnt any package coming to my house i was so fu*#ing mad!!! I was like this company is a wholeeee scam and i will make it be known. I contacted the company AGAIN, and i was finally giving a tracking number.

The frontal arrived (Aug. 25) and it wasnt deep wave, it looked more like a deep curly frontal. I was DONE!! I contacted the company AGAIN letting them know how i felt and they response letting me know they'll do whatever to fixs the problem.

They offered to give back some of my money or some bundles on the house. I choose the bundles so they could match the frontal. The frontal wont do me any good. notice: on the receipt the date it was shipped, which as on Aug.24, and its coming from another part of Florida.

I also live in Florida so i should of been git my package! So I'll post some pictures below and proof. Then update a post confirming if i ever received anything from this company.

This is the wrost customer service EVER!! (I'll also let you guys know if the hair is GOOD)

This reviewer shared experience about order processing issue and wants this business to read this review and look into the issue (if any). Ikristal is overall dissatisfied with Ltw Extensions and uploaded picture s. Reviewer wants customer support to reach our to him or her ASAP for further discussion of this matter.

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Wtf is that first picture supposed to BE of? It looks like chain mail or something!


the hair i got from them was GORGEOUS i had NO PROBLEMS

to Anonymous Jacksonville, Florida, United States #1128883

Well that's YOU !! MINES was HORRIBLE. The proof is in the PHOTO!


Lmao!This hair place is in Tallahassee, Fl.

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